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‘The Lighthouse’ Hypoallergenic Ambiance Candle

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Refillable dancing ambiance candle, hand decorated in Staffordshire with artisan hand poured soya wax candle.  Ideal for dinner party settings, playful room ambiance and a non toxic, mood creating alternative to synthetic laden fragrance candles.

The Lighthouse was born to dance the light fantastic whilst casting a reassuring and welcoming light pattern to keep us all off the rocks!

Hand poured, 100% Sustainable Soya wax. 
Hand decorated. Energy saving decorative design.
Achieving a 75% energy reduction.  
Approx 40 hours of dancing flame time. 
Hypoallergenic. Aroma free. 
Zero petroleum ingredients. 
Zero synthetic fragrance. 


Our Lighthouse candle refills are available in early 2023.