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"I Dream of Roses" Organic Rose Otto Festive Gift Set - SAVE £100

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Day and Night gift set of 100% pure botanics

SAVE £100 on four of our best selling formulations.

Anti Age Night Repair Serum.

An age regenerative overnight holistic face serum imbued with our highest concentration of Organic Rose Otto Essential Oil and age supportive Rock Samphire with its retinoid-like ability to reduce sebum secretion, enhance cell turnover and help smooth out wrinkles, leaving the skin plump, nourished and hydrated. Moringa Oil helps to replace lost lipids, boost hydration, plump fine lines and wrinkles, strengthen elasticity and deliver full spectrum nutrition whilst you sleep. Radically transformative.

Hydration Restore Holistic Face Serum

A moisture replenishing face serum imbued with our highest concentration of high frequency Organic Rose Otto Essential Oil  and Salicornia Herbacea Extract to radically transform the skin by helping improve hydration. Moringa and Olive Squalane provide a further dose of lipids and moisture promoting botanicals to help repair the protective membrane and lock moisture deep into the skin.

Resurfacing and Cleansing Mask

 An intense and highly effective hydration and resurfacing mask to radically transform dry skin with our unique double action bio-active formulation.
Botanic Rock Samphire extract gently lifts dead skin cells, breaking down the bond between dry skin and new skin cells, thus preparing the surface for a non-abrasive rejuvenating polish with super fine Ocean Fossil particles.
Super hydrating Omegas 3,6,9 serum oils, Arctic Vitamin E Tocotrienols and Tocopherols are absorbed during the application process, boosting hydration, deep cleansing and delivering full spectrum nutrition. Arctic Lingonberry and Raspberry seed oils balance pigmentation for a brighter complexion, afford a natural UVB defence and pollution protection by efficiently quenching reactive nitrogen molecules. Multi-correctional formulation, ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

Organic Rose Otto Cellular Facial Mist

Organic Rose Otto cellular face mist nourishes and elevates the spirit with its exquisitely refreshing bouquet of Rose Otto essential oil infused mountain spring water. 

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Cellular Facial Mist - Organic Rose Otto
Anti-Age Night Repair
Hydration Restore Holistic Face Serum
Resurfacing and Cleansing Serum Face Mask