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Hydration and Resurfacing Mask - Organic Rose Otto

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An intense and highly effective hydration and resurfacing mask to radically transform dry skin with our unique double action bio-active formulation.
Botanic Rock Samphire extract gently lifts dead skin cells, breaking down the bond between dry skin and new skin cells, thus preparing the surface for a non-abrasive rejuvenating polish with super fine Ocean Fossil particles.
Super hydrating Omegas 3,6,9 serum oils, Arctic Vitamin E Tocotrienols and Tocopherols are absorbed during the application process, boosting hydration, deep cleansing and delivering full spectrum nutrition. Arctic Lingonberry and Raspberry seed oils balance pigmentation for a brighter complexion, afford a natural UVB defence and pollution protection by efficiently quenching reactive nitrogen molecules.

Multi-correctional formulation, ideal for dry and sensitive skin. Apply an even layer to clean dry skin. Using your fingers gently rub mask in a circular motion until all areas of the face have been massaged thoroughly. Repeat the massage after 5 minutes. Ideal for extended Gua Sha ritual. Wash away with warm water and a cloth. Apply treatment twice or three times a week.

Content: 50 mil/1.69 fl oz

Organic Rose Otto Essential Oil: A gentle steam distillation of the flower heads from the Rosova Dolina harvest in Bulgaria. An essential oil that has no equal. This rare essential oil enhances wellbeing, affecting both olfactic senses and physiology and is traditionally used to calm and uplift. 

Diatomaceous Earth gently polishes away dead skin cells with perfectly spherical non-abrasive ultra fine particles.

Rock Samphire extract lifts dead skin cells, preparing the skin for a gentle rejuvenating polish and hydration treatment.

The Moringa Tree has been known as ‘the miracle tree’ since the time of the Pharaohs and has extraordinary healing qualities and superfood status which still resonates to this day. This exquisite oil forms the basis of the 320MHz formulas. Rich in essential fatty acids, it’s an ideal moisturiser that heals and soothes.  

Olive Squalane is an intense lipid that repairs the protective membrane around each living cell. It acts as a permeability barrier, protecting against invasion of microorganisms as well as preventing moisture loss whilst maintaining the skin’s flexibility and suppleness.

Chia Seed Oil is rich in essential Omega 3 Fatty Acids. When the skin membrane has sufficient Omega 3 it helps to reduce water loss keeping the cell plump and nourished and encourages increased absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste products.

Arctic Lingonberry Seed Oil rich in Omega 3, 6 and Vitamin E Tocotrienols, clinically proven to reduce hyper pigmentation, lighten age spots and boost hydration.
Arctic Raspberry Seed Oil. Vitamin E Tocopherols, UVB and pollution protection by efficiently quenching reactive nitrogen molecules.

Crithmum Maritimum 
Rock Samphire extract stimulates faster cell turnover and reduces inflammation.

Our high MHz pure botanics are uncompromisingly sourced and carefully preserved in Photobiotic Glass to protect the integrity and regenerative life force of our oils.

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Fantastic product

This mask has an incredible effect...I now use it regularly when I need to resurface, nourish and give new light to my skin. I also enjoy to massage it and feel the Rose aroma. Great beauty treatment that I can do at home by myself!

Jennifer N.

diana k.

Elizabeth S.

Beverley R.